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AudioFixx Technologies

Transform your rusty podcast audio into one hell of a serenade that will
win you back the ex you cheated on…

Okay, maybe not win you back the ex you cheated on. But at least win the hearts of your
beloved audience tuning in to listen to your voice and your words every so often.

Behind this seemingly cryptic website that looks like something out of the dark web, is me, Dave, a
podcast audio editor who cleans up the sh*t podcasters don’t know exist in their audio.

The sh*t I’m talking about:
-Your cranky neighbors in the background arguing about who didn’t flush the loo.
-The humming of the air-conditioning unit you still haven’t got serviced (why?).
-Your fellow podcast guest not talking loud enough even though you’ve signaled to them
to speak louder like a
gazillion times during the recording.
-The sudden itch in your throat making you jerk out a frequency not one person on this
earth has ever heard of.
-Echo … echo … e c h o …  e  c  h  o…

Know what I’m talking about now? Yeah, what a bummer to spend days of brainstorming
really bombass content for your podcast only to have it ruined by crappy audio quality.

But hey don’t go yet. Aren’t you forgetting that you’re speaking to a pro podcast audio

Now, I don’t wanna come off as a salesperson, but let me attempt to sell myself here.

For $10 (the price of two cups of coffee), I will remove all the sh*t in up to 2GB of your
podcast audio within 24 hours.

The result? Immaculate, pristine, bold, and ready-to-slay audio quality that delivers your
message with great confidence and conviction — just like how you intended it to be.

Still not compelled? Just imagine this.

$10 to shut your noisy neighbors up, fix your air-conditioner’s annoying humming,
make your podcast guest sound more confident (and presentable), conceal your ‘itchy’
voice, and cut out your room’s echo, all for the enjoyment of your fellow listeners.

I bet my bottom dollar you can’t name a better deal.

Anyways, I’ve done enough talking for now. It’s your turn.

So tell me, are you ready to start producing podcasts that actually sound great to you and
your audience? You might still stand a chance to win back the ex you cheated on when
they hear your new, mellifluous, sh*t-free podcasts.


Using AudioFixx simple podcast audio cleanup and repair is simple!

  1. Upload your Audio file (WAV, WAV (float), AIFF, FLAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Opus).
  2. Select the Audio Correction and Output File Type Options desired.
  3. Complete the Checkout Process.

Within 24 hours you will receive an email with a link so you can download your repaired audio file!

Upload and Fixx your Audio File Now!



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