How to Listen to Podcasts

We are living in the golden era of podcasts. When you look around us, we can find a lot of types of podcasts that are available today. You can find any podcasts with many different topics and niches. They may come in different genres, formats, and styles. More than 50% of Americans are listening to their favorite podcasts regularly. If you also want to listen to your favorite podcasts, you can take a look at some easy steps below. We are going to share with you some useful tips on how you can listen to your favorite podcasts easily.

Choose the right app for listening to your favorite podcasts

When you look on the Internet, you can find a lot of different types of apps that are available today. Some of these apps include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, Castro, etc. Each platform has its own benefits and disadvantages for the users. You can compare some available apps before you decide to choose a good platform for your needs.

– Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts is a built-in app that is totally free for all iPhone users. You can download and stream any podcasts easily. You can also have the ability to skip back in the 15-second intervals. If you want to save more time, you can also play podcasts at a faster speed. It has a “browser” section on the app, so you can find new and top-rated podcasts easily.

– Google Play Music. If you are an Android user, you can consider using Google Play Music. You can also run this platform on your computer via your browser. It will help you save the battery of your smartphone. Once you find any podcasts that you love, you may want to subscribe to them at any time you want. When the podcasters release new podcasts, you are going to receive notifications on your Android phone.

– Spotify. This is another recommended app that you can use on your smartphone. Spotify has some podcasts that are created by some popular podcasters. When using this software, you can also use its podcast playlist. It will help you find some new podcasts and popular podcasts on this platform easily. Spotify is a free platform that is available for all users. If you want to enjoy your favorite podcasts without ads, you may want to subscribe to the premium version of this app.

– Castro. Some people love using this app when they want to listen to their favorite podcasts. It allows you to make a playlist, so you will never miss the opportunities to listen to any new podcast episodes or shows. Castro will give you an option to trim the silences, enhance voice, adjust the playback speed, and also skip the intros. Some high-tech features are only available for premium users. If you want to take this premium plan, you are going to pay about $19 per year.

– Overcast. This is another recommended podcast platform that is available on the Internet today. This platform allows you to enjoy your favorite podcasts at any time you want. You will never miss an episode because this platform comes with automatic notifications. There are some interesting features that are offered by this platform, for example, voice boosting, silence trimming, playback speed control, etc. You can take the premium plan by paying $10 per year for getting all benefits from this platform.

Find Your Favorite Podcasts

After you find the best platform for listening to your favorite podcasts, you can start looking at their recommendations. You can find new podcasts that will match your interests. Once you find some of your favorite podcasts, you can subscribe to these podcasts. Subscribing to these podcasts will allow you to get notifications when there are some new releases of these podcasts. Professional podcasters are going to release new podcasts regularly.

You may expect to find some new podcasts at least once every 1 – 2 weeks. You can also share your favorite podcasts with your friends and relatives, so you can enjoy your experience with them. Listening to podcasts regularly will bring a good experience for you, especially if you can share your great experience with your friends and relatives. You will enjoy your time listening to your favorite podcasts at any time you want.


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