Typical Podcast Recording Equipment

Creating a series of podcasts will require you to prepare all the important equipment for helping you during the process. It is a good idea for you to make a list of equipment that you need to have, especially when you want to record high-quality podcasts. In this article, we are going to share with you some popular tools that you can use for recording podcasts. It is easy for you to find some of these items from the nearest stores and marketplace.

a. A computer

If you want to have incredible podcast quality, you may want to consider buying a computer for your needs. A computer can be used to help you install your favorite audio recording and editing software. This software is very useful to make the final sound clean and professional. You can choose whether you are going to use the Mac or PC. Each device has its own benefits and disadvantages for the users. If you would like to buy a new machine for your podcast, you should take a look at the processor, USB ports, memory space, RAM, solid-state device (SSD) storage, etc.

When choosing a good computer, you also need to consider choosing the best software for helping you create the best podcast for your needs. Some recommended apps include Audacity, GarageBand, Hindenburg Journalist, Adobe Audition, Reaper, SquadCast, etc. All of these apps can help you edit and record your podcasts, so you can deliver the best audio quality for your listeners.

b. A podcasting microphone

This is another popular piece of equipment that you need to have before you can start your podcast. A podcasting microphone will affect the overall sound quality of your podcast. You may want to compare some available types of microphones, for example, XLR podcasting microphone, USB podcasting microphone, dynamic podcasting microphone, and also condenser podcasting microphone. Some microphones are equipped with the best suspension system for ensuring the overall good quality of the podcast.

c. Mixer

If you want to improve the overall audio quality you have in your podcast, you may want to buy this equipment now. Using a mixer in your podcast setup will give you a new opportunity to record any live episodes by using the AUX features. Using an audio mixer will eliminate any complicated final cutting procedures for improving the overall quality of the audio. Some popular audio mixers include Yamaha MG06, Yamaha MG10, Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 USB Audio Interface, Mackie ProFXv2 series, etc.

d. Podcasting headphones

Many professional podcasters are going to buy podcasting headphones for their needs. They are going to wear these headphones during the podcast recording process, so they can listen to the audio quality immediately. It is a good idea for you to choose over-the-ear headphones. These types of headphones will offer a better sound quality than the other types of headphones. You can ensure that you can produce the best podcast with the best audio quality.

e. Microphone stand

This is another typical piece of equipment that you need to have for supporting your podcast recording process. You can adjust the level of this mic stand, so it can be placed near the mouth level. The location of your microphone will play an important role in affecting the overall quality of your sound. Using this mic stand will also reduce the risks of knocking the mic into the table or other surface. You will make sure that you can have a stable mic position when using your microphone.

f. Podcast hosting provider

If you want to run a podcasting business in the long run, you may want to choose the best podcast hosting provider. Some popular podcast hosting providers include Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. This hosting provider will help you create your podcast feeds automatically, so you can let your followers know about your new episodes. When comparing some available hosting providers, you should look at some important details, such as analytics features, bandwidth capabilities, content promotion integrations, etc.

There are many other popular devices that you need to have, so you can create the best podcast quality for your needs. You can choose the best tools that will be suitable for your style and preferences, especially when you want to create the best series of podcasts regularly.


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