What is a Microphone Shock Mount?

When you are planning to record podcasts, you may want to prepare everything before you start your recording process. There are some recommended devices that you need to have in your home studio or office. These devices are good for helping you create the best audio quality for your podcasts.

One of the most popular devices used for recording podcasts is the microphone shock mount. This is an important accessory that you need to install, so you can improve the overall audio quality of your podcasts. This device brings some useful benefits for you as a podcaster.

What is a Microphone Shock Mount?

It is one of the most popular accessories that you need to have when you are recording your favorite podcasts. This shock mount will play an important role by holding a microphone in place, so your microphone can have a stable position.

This device will provide good protection from shock, so you can mount the microphone on the stand or the boom arm safely. When you place this shock mount properly, you can reduce any mechanically transferred noise that may occur on your recording. It will stabilize the position of your microphone safely during your recording process.

This is a mechanical fastener that is specially designed to connect the microphone to the threaded mic stand and boom pole or boom arm safely. It will offer an elastic connection for the microphone. This elastic connection is very useful to provide secure mounting for the microphone. It will also offer freedom for the microphone, so this device can move independently of the boom pole or mic stand.

Due to its freedom to move independently on the stand, your microphone will be able to reduce the total amount of mechanically transmitted noise that may be caused by the movement of your microphone. It will eliminate the problems that may occur on your microphone clips. Most typical microphone clips will never isolate their microphones elastically. It will cause the microphone to have a mechanically transmitted noise from its movement.

When you install the shock mount on the microphone, it will isolate the microphone from the solid environment. This process will decrease the mechanically transmitted noise and also external vibrations on the microphone significantly. Because of this reason, this microphone shock mount can be used to reduce the noises that may occur on the microphone signal. It will lead to the production of high-quality audio for your podcasts.

Microphone Shock Mount can be a perfect investment that you may want to have for making a good podcast every day. Any type of microphones will get a lot of benefits from this shock mount. It will help you build a good podcast with the best audio quality ever. You can reduce any noises that may come from the environment when using this shock mount.

Best Microphone Shock Mount

If you are looking for a good shock mount for your microphone, you can take a look at Rycote InVision. Rycote is a famous company that specializes in its products on shock mounts and some other microphone accessories. One of the most popular products from Rycote is InVision. This device is going to use a high-quality thermoplastic material. This material can be used to reduce the vibration that may occur on the microphone.

The microphone is attached by using 4 different screws with rubber tips. You can attach any microphones with different sizes and shapes. This device also comes with a microphone cable clip for reducing the sound caused by the cable that is touching the mic boom. There are 3 common models of the Rycote InVision. They are USM (Universal Shock Mount), USM-VB, and USM-L.

There are several types of shock mounts that are offered by Rycote. Some shock mounts from this company come with a built-in pop filter, for example, the Rycote InVision Studio Kit. This pop filter can be used to improve the overall audio quality that is offered by this device. Rycote always wants to offer the best microphone accessories for all users.

A microphone shock mount can be a perfect tool that you need to have, especially when you want to get the best audio quality for your podcasts. You can have a stable position for your microphone when using this shock mount.


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